Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which country is the device made in?

    The scanner and software are made in America, the body is made in Iran

  • What is the error percentage of the device?

    In the best conditions, we predict the error percentage to be a few millimeters.

  • What is the difference between topgenesis scanner and body composition?

    1- The body composition device can report the internal information of the person's body to the experts by introducing electric current inside the person's body, but the Top Genesis three-dimensional scanner is able to calculate all the physical and skeletal measurements of the person's body and in addition some internal information. It also provides the body.
    2- The output of the body composition is in the form of an a4 sheet with a number of numbers that require an expert to read, but anyone can read and check their physical condition (without the need for an expert) from the results of the Top Genesis 3D scanner.
    3- Ways to test body composition devices after the working life is extremely difficult and impossible, but for the next Top Genesis scanner, the working life is not defined and only a simple meter is enough to test it!
    4- It is completely different in terms of price

  • How is the after-sales service?

    120 months of after-sales service

  • Should we have a special space for the device?

    3x2 room with good light is the space that the machine needs.

  • Is it possible to scan with clothes?

    No; In this case, it will provide you with the sizes of the clothes.

  • What are the output files of the device?

    normal pdf - comparative pdf and two files for making the sculpture: obj - sti

  • Is it possible not to buy a laptop?

    Yes, but after several years of our experience in the field of 3D human body scanner production, our recommendation is a separate system for the scanner, which is very useful in terms of memory of customer information and in terms of after-sales service.

  • Do you teach the user how to work with the device?

    Yes; We provide training, setup and installation for you.

  • How does the club generate income?

    It depends on the working method and policy of the club

  • How to calculate body fat percentage?

    Using the us army method formula and measuring 4 or 5 body sizes in different genders