What is Top Genesis 3D body scanner?

The Top Genesis 3D body scanner, by using artificial intelligence, easily gives you the size of all body parts in 40 seconds, so that you can see your 2D and 3D plan and always protect you from skeletal and physical problems. .. informs

" Do you also like to work with a device that is according to the world's latest technology?
This device helps you to achieve what you want in the shortest time and with the lowest cost. "

  • Fitness and exercise

    We have the ability to take body measurements to calculate body fat with extremely high accuracy. Fitness professionals can use the 3D model to highlight shape changes or set goals.

  • Health and nutrition

    Body measurements are associated with obesity-related diseases, which doctors use to assess and classify risk. Nutritionists monitor weight loss closely.

  • Fashion industry

    We have an alternative, more compatible, more convenient and more accurate tool than the meter for manufacturers in the fashion and apparel industry.

What are the uses of the 3D body scanner?

Top Genesis 3D body scanner applications

" Top Genesis 3D scanner is a new way of measuring and tracking body changes in the fields of medicine, fitness and fashion industry. In this way, instead of the old and traditional methods, we use an easier and more advanced method. This scanner consists of the latest 3D camera technology, image processing and artificial intelligence by its scanner. "

  • Fat analysis

    A more convenient and accurate way than standard Dexa

  • Risk assessment

    The risk of obesity-related diseases

  • Goal setting

    Achieving optimal weight through fat loss

  • Information under the cloud

    View, analyze data and adjust your personal account

Stay top with Top Genesis...!

Top Genesis 3D body scanner software

  • Measurement

    Providing all external and skeletal measurements of the body with 98% accuracy.

  • 3D scan

    Rotate and zoom a full body scan model with 3D shape and parameters

  • Shape analysis

    Analysis of various topics such as: two-dimensional body plan from front and side, left and right ratio, showing symmetry in form

  • Track progress

    Show the trend of changes for all parameters (total body fat percentage, all body sizes and more)

Top Genesis from the perspective of customers

Some customer comments about us

  • Mrs. Darini (Bandar Abbas)


    The fact that athletes can see their fitness progress during exercise or training program and check with us is very attractive to them. It is very good for them to generate income and receive 3D information along with the meal plan.

  • Mr. Ghaffari (Kerman & Tehran)

    Kerman = @set_healthgroup
    Tehran = @fitboxvip

    The device is new and modern, and it motivates the customers, and it is always good, strong 3D scanning, minute dimensions and sizes. 20 to 30 year old people see their body abnormalities, it is attractive to them, the pictures are placed side by side and the comparison becomes easier. It is good that the software is in English.

  • Mr. Abad (Yazd)


    The device is a very good device and we used it a lot and were satisfied and we used the device much more before Corona.

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