Comments of Top Genesis customers

  • Mrs. Darini (Bandar Abbas)


    The fact that athletes can see their fitness progress during exercise or training program and check with us is very attractive to them. It is very good for them to generate income and receive 3D information along with the meal plan.

  • Mr. Ghaffari (Kerman & Tehran)

    Kerman = @set_healthgroup
    Tehran = @fitboxvip

    The device is new and modern, and it motivates the customers, and it is always good, strong 3D scanning, minute dimensions and sizes. 20 to 30 year old people see their body abnormalities, it is attractive to them, the pictures are placed side by side and the comparison becomes easier. It is good that the software is in English.

  • Mr. Abad (Yazd)


    The device is a very good device and we used it a lot and were satisfied and we used the device much more before Corona.

  • Mr. Shahryar (Isfahan)


    During the use of the Top Genesis device so far, it has been very satisfactory and everything is very good

  • Mr. Zargar (Tehran)


    In the Top Genesis machine, when we take a scan, the display of body changes and size reduction is very attractive for our customers.

  • Mrs. Dr. Abazari (Sari)


    Measuring body dimensions and fat is very accurate and attractive. Calorie calculation is very good and helps customers.